Travel: I Love You Just The Way You Are

When you tell people you’re going travelling, you tend to get one of two responses.

One is of overwhelming jealousy from people who have always longed to do it themselves or who have in fact travelled for long periods of time in the past. These tend to be the people that carry that certain twinkle in their eye and express their excitement on your behalf. The other is one of ignorant confusion. A “why would you want to do that?” kind of response. Both are just as valid in their own way, depending on different people’s outlooks on life. But I thought i’d share with you what it is about long term travel that excites me and try to put my finger on why I feel the overwhelming desire to make it a permanent part of my life.

Ever since my first flight at the age of 9 I have been in love with this method of transport. The whole travel experience starts for me as soon as i arrive at the airport, full of anticipation. People often look at me as if I am crazy when I say that I like plane food. I’m not saying that it’s the best cuisine I’ve ever eaten, but because it’s part of the whole travel experience, I look forward to it. Just like I enjoy watching the movies and listening to my music whilst dreaming about my adventures to come. Plus, there’s just something about eating things out of small little containers that I enjoy. Yes, I’m weird.

The First Morning
The first morning in a new destination is always the best. You stumble around to find some breakfast whilst trying to gather your bearings and take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings. You always remember your first day in a place; the excitement you felt and how you (possibly) got lost trying to find your accommodation.

The Sense of Adventure
I have written before about how much more adventurous we become when we are abroad and this can be true for any destination. I tend to throw myself into things with a giddy childish abandon, something I wouldn’t necessarily always do at home.

Eating Al Fresco
Obviously this isn’t always going to be an option in every country at any time of year. But there is something wonderful about eating outside that feels so liberating and relaxing, it always adds to the great sense of freedom when you’re in a different place. I rarely eat al fresco at home and even if I did I would not appreciate it as much as I do when abroad.

Sunsets and Sunrises
I never truly appreciate a good sunrise or sunset like I do when I’m abroad. Even when you don’t actively seek them out, you often find yourself as the unwitting observer of one during an early morning bus ride or a late night drink on a balcony. Trying to appreciate a sunset through the windscreen of your car during rush hour just doesn’t hold the same effect somehow.

Taking Things Slowly
This applies to talking, walking, eating and general pace of life. At home we are always too busy rushing here and there, never taking the time to appreciate a good meal or a good conversation or a good piece of music. When I’m abroad, I take the time to soak everything up and take lots of mental photographs. I’m also looking forward to travelling slowly and not having to stick to a rigid itinerary. That is the kind of freedom that can’t be bought.

These are just some of the reasons I love travelling and the way it makes me feel. They may not be the same for everybody, but we each in our own way find something which captures our hearts to the extent that we will do anything we can to recreate that feeling for as long as possible.

Please don’t ever change, travel. I love you just the way you are.

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  1. says

    You are right on about the 2 types of people. Either they get it or don’t. Oh & you’re not alone about feeling excited when you go to an Airport I am the same way. I get so excited and nervous and have a million feelings. The best though is when you take off… its like ok no more turning back!

  2. says

    Those margaritas look great! Also, I totally know what you mean about the sunsets. I never admire them at home, but while on holiday it seems like whenever I have a chance, I sit down, relax, and soak them in.

  3. says

    I completely agree with everything you said – except maybe the flying, I don’t have a fear or anything, but it is not my favourite part. The first morning/ entire day in a new place is amazing. And you really don’t learn to enjoy life until you travel. Lovely post well done.

  4. says

    @Jaime – yes! No turning back is exactly right, it’s like you’re flying into the unknown!

    @Scott – haha yes the margs do look good, don’t they?

    @Fifi – I can understand your trepidation with flying, there are lots of people who find it boring, frustrating or scary but I just love it. Thanks so much for reading :)

  5. says

    We all have different styles but taking it slow to “smell the flowers” is a must and I mean that by walking, nothing to do with how fast you move from city to city, that like most things is personal preference :)

  6. says

    I agree with all of these. Also, stumbling through foreign languages is something that I always look forward to: looking at a menu and taking a wild guess at what I’m going to get (should I choose no. 27 or no. 42?)

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