Going the Whole Hog at Martin’s Barb-B-Que Joint

martin's bbq nashville
After my BBQ escapades in Kansas City, I knew Nashville was going to be another smothered pork slab heaven. And how did I know this? Because Google told me.

Unfortunately Google also told me to go to the very over-touristed (and from what I could tell, over-hyped) Jack’s BBQ on Broadway in the centre of the city. But I don’t play those kind of games. Having only one night to experience Nashville and also having a car at my disposal meant that I wanted to venture further afield to find some local BBQ.

That was where Martin’s Barb-B-Que Joint stepped in. Situated in the suburb of Nolensville, it was gaining rave reviews online and was apparently also featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (although I didn’t know that before we went there, honest). We immediately put the address into the sat nav and headed over there on our way into the city.

What I liked outright about the menu here was that it wasn’t just ribs and beef that were on offer (although of course you could get those too). There was something more interesting called Redneck Tacos which caught my eye, and I ordered one of those with smoked chicken. It came topped with crunchy coleslaw and a side of wonderfully seasoned mayonnaise and was sat atop a cornbread pancake (hence the “taco” name).

smoked chicken taco

Scott ordered a half slab of ribs and some beef brisket (photo at the top of the post). I’m not a big beef fan, but this postively just melted in the mouth. It was absolutely delicious.

Unfortunately, as I’d been nibbling on the ribs too, we found that just one half portion wasn’t enough. So we did what any self-respecting food-loving couple would do.

We ordered another portion with two sides.

Even the staff seemed to think we were crazy but hey, that’s how we roll.

ribs at martin's barb-b-que
This time we ordered baked beans as a side dish, which managed to convert even my bean-hater boyfriend. They were more like Boston Baked Beans in that they contain pieces of meat and a spicy sauce. The fries were also crispy and hot, just how I like them.

Throw in the fact that at least two tables of locals started talking to me when they heard my accent (and were so helpful in suggesting places for us to go for the evening) and it was a great experience overall.

If you have a car, then it’s definitely worth the journey out to Martin’s. And I don’t say that lightly. (No, seriously, I was anything but light after I left the restaurant).

  • Martin’s Barb-B-Que Joint, 7238 Nolensville, Rd., Nolensville, TN 37135 USA

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  1. Dave says

    Hey there! I just left an Urbanspoon review of Martins. Basically, we’ve tried to go there twice and they have been out of most of their menu items both times. You mentioned Jack’s BBQ in downtown Nashville, which is a tourist trap. However, they have another restaurant in north Nashville on Trinity Lane which is fantastic and better than anything else we’ve had in Middle Tennessee. The next time you’re in town, maybe give it a try. It’s not the best part of town, but it’s great BBQ.

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